Bird - Woodland Chickadee - Watercolor

Bird - Woodland Chickadee - Watercolor

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During summertime this Chickadee is one of the little birds of the forest who will follow you down the path.  He is always curious about what you are doing.  Such a sweet little bird flitting through the deep green of a forest. 

This painting is one of a series of 10 songbirds that are all painted to be a set to make a grouping. The grouping consists of Northern Flicker, Mockingbird on Holly, Bluebird on Nandina, Cedar Waxwing, House Finch, Carolina Wren on Mahonia Berries, Cedar Waxwings on Pyracantha Pair, Woodland Chickadee, and Southern Screech Owl. It also goes with this grouping:White-breasted  Nuthatch, Woodland Chickadee, Bluebird Morning, Bluebird Treat, White Throated Sparrow, Tufted Titmouse, Baltimore Oriole, and Carolina Wren.

Reproduction Print - Four color off-set lithographic press process. Color lasts 10-15 years if hung in an area not brightly lit. Paper: not acid-free.  The color misses being true to the original by about 8-10%.                        

Laser Print -Color lasts 15-30 years but misses being true to the original color by about 10%. Printed on a plastic coated paper stock, not acid-free.  Laser print can be 10”x16” or smaller.

Giclee Print-Museum giclee prints last 200+ years. Printed on 400 lb cotton rag,    acid free watercolor paper they duplicate the original within 1- 2%.                  

This image is available on:

  • Bookmark with poem written by the artist
  • Coffee Mug
  • Tempered Glass Cutting Board in two sizes
  • Tiles 4x4, 6x6, 8x8 also used for Wood framed Hot trivets 
  • Tile Mural (indoor or outdoor use)
    A single image made by a group of tiles that can be grouted into a wall
  • Hot Trivet (framed in a wood frame or unframed)
  • Note Cards – (5”x7” blank inside) Set of 6
  • Magnets
  • Coaster (cork backed ceramic tile)
  • Images can also be printed on metal, plastic, or wood surfaces
  • Canvas stretching  (with additional charge)
  • Framing available at less than wholesale prices...please ask. You will be able see everything thru the computer or phone to choose from  
This painting is a personal study in watercolor inspired by a photograph in a National Audobon Society and Natural Wildlife Federation publication.