Tile - Hot Trivet -' Hidin' Out' (Tabby Cat)
Tile - Hot Trivet -' Hidin' Out' (Tabby Cat)
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Tile - Hot Trivet -' Hidin' Out' (Tabby Cat)

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Tiles have many uses. You can choose ANY square image or a square that can be cropped from a bigger image to use for the tile. All of these tiles are printed with my artwork and are very durable and can be used in the following ways:

  •  Grouting into a wall for a kitchen backsplash or bathroom
  • Hot Trivet for kitchen decor and/or table use. The frame around the tile is especially made for it.  It is glued into place and is backed with wood and there is  an opening on the back to use for hanging it on the kitchen wall or side of a cabinet for decoration until it is needed for use. The tile can be unframed and have bumpers under the corners.
  • Tile Coaster - 4"x 4" tile with cork backing
  • Tile topped keepsake box
  • Tile serving tray
  • Tile Mural - One image made with many tiles to be used Outside, in Kitchen, in Bath
  • Framing the tile: The frames come in Walnut, Black, Alder (natural), and Rosewood.