Orchid - Dendrobium Dream (Dendrobium Perardii) - Original Stone Lithograph

Orchid - Dendrobium Dream (Dendrobium Perardii) - Original Stone Lithograph

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This piece is a personal favorite. These are the gentle and delicate blossoms of a deciduous orchid, Dendrobium pierardii (renamed D. Aphylum). This work has a certain soft, flowing rhythm that can take away my headache if I focus only on it.  There is a piece of music that does this also, a Chopin Nocturne. Perhaps music and painting deal with the same sequences of space or rhythm... visual or audible.

A Stone Lithograph is an art medium which is a museum quality graphic, totally hand made and hand printed. Mary has hand drawn each artwork on plates. Each finished artwork uses 18-21 plates per image. Each plate holds a different color of ink. Each color has to be perfectly hand registered to go over previous color. The plates are printed by hand on BFK, German handmade acid free 400 lb paper. Each printing of this piece of artwork is considered an original work of art by any museum. The color varies with each hand printing, making each one unique unto itself.

The largest size this piece can be made is around 5'x 7' if it is made into a giclee print.

This stone lithograph is only one size, as the original.

This image can be used as an alternative product on:

  • Bookmark with poem written by the artist
  • Coffee Mug
  • Tempered Glass Cutting Board in two sizes
  • Tiles 4x4, 6x6, 8x8 also used for Wood framed Hot trivets 
  • Tile Mural (indoor or outdoor use)
    A single image made by a group of tiles that can be grouted into a wall
  • Hot Trivet (framed in a wood frame or unframed)
  • Note Cards – (5”x7” blank inside) Set of 6
  • Magnets
  • Coaster (cork backed ceramic tile)
  • Images can also be printed on metal, plastic, or wood surfaces
  • Canvas stretching  (with additional charge)
  • Framing available at less than wholesale prices...please ask. You will be able see everything thru the computer or phone to choose from.