Cedar Waxwings on Pyracantha the Pair

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This debonair bandit who wears a mask, arrives to visit you with all his relatives, landing in the same shrub, and proceeding to feed vigorously. Many times they get drunk on the ripe berries and wobble, wobble and topple onto the ground. Forty-five 45 minutes later they all leave town. Together these pictures portray a flock of birds in the same shrub, relaying berries down to each other. Hang these pictures right to left, left to right, or one over the other as the branches interconnect three ways each to give a good composition.

The largest size this painting can be made is around 7'x4'. Other sizes can be made to order.

This painting is one of a series of 10 songbirds that are all painted to be a set to make a grouping. The grouping consists of Northern Flicker, Mockingbird on Holly, Bluebird on Nandina, Cedar Waxwing, House Finch, Carolina Wren on Mahonia Berries, Woodland Chickadee, and Southern Screech Owl including the two Cedar Waxwings on Pyracantha.

The largest size this piece can be made is around 7'x 4'. Other sizes not shown here can be made to order.

Reproduction Print - Four color off-set lithographic press process. Color lasts 10-15 years if hung in an area not brightly lit. Paper: not acid-free.  The color misses being true to the original by about 8-10%.                        

Laser Print - Color lasts 15-30 years but misses being true to the original color by about 10%. Printed on a plastic coated paper stock, not acid-free.  Laser print can be 10”x16” or smaller.