Lily - Almost Black Daylilies - Colored Pencil & Ink

Lily - Almost Black Daylilies - Colored Pencil & Ink

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Red Daylilies that are back-lit and almost look black. This is a crisp ink drawing with a colored pencil surface over it. The largest giclee print that can be made is about 7'x5'. Sizes not shown here can be made to order. 

 Reproduction Print - Four color off-set lithographic press process. Color lasts 10-15 years if hung in an area not brightly lit. Paper: not acid-free.  The color misses being true to the original by about 8-10%.                        

Laser Print - Color lasts 15-30 years but misses being true to the original color by about 10%. Printed on a plastic coated paper stock, not acid-free.  Laser print can be 10”x16” or smaller.

Giclee Print - Museum giclee prints last 200+ years. Printed on 400 lb cotton rag,  acid free watercolor paper they duplicate the original within 1- 2%.                  

This image is available on:

  • Bookmark with poem written by the artist
  • Coffee Mug
  • Tempered Glass Cutting Board in two sizes
  • Tiles 4x4, 6x6, 8x8 also used for Wood framed Hot trivets 
  • Tile Mural (indoor or outdoor use)
    A single image made by a group of tiles that can be grouted into a wall
  • Hot Trivet (framed in a wood frame or unframed)
  • Note Cards - Set of 6
  • Magnet
  • Coasters (ceramic tile,cork backed)
  • Images can also be printed on metal, plastic, or wood surfaces
  • Canvas stretching available with additional charge
  • Framing available at less than wholesale prices...please ask. You will be able see everything thru the computer or phone to choose from.