Tempered Glass Cutting Boards ..... Mugs/Cups ..... Bookmarks (Mary wrote the verses) ..... Coasters that Absorb Water (Birds and/or Flowers ).....Tiles used in these Ways:  Tile Topped Wood Boxes .....Tile Hot Trivets (the edge can be 1" framed to hang on wall in the kitchen decor until needed or used under a casserole for dinner) ..... Tile Magnets ..... Tiles grouted in a wall for a kitchen back-splash or bath feature ..... Tile Murals (a group of tiles that create an entire painting/mural) .....Images Printed on Wood for a trendy look, 7' Sunbrella Umbrellas.

I can use any of my images on this website to make any of these products for you.  Please let me know what you would like.

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