I would like to work with you personally to frame all the things you purchase from me. I want to help you have just the right choices for your framing.  My phone # is 770-587-2587, e-mail me  here .

With the use of this site, my cell phone, and computer. I can show you many framing suggestions I already have for specific works.  If you would like something different  let me  know ... send me a picture via e-mail or text of the room and/or space you want it to go into and I will make it to match your decor and needs.

Pricing is less than wholesale too.....Shipping of framed pieces is also inexpensive.

I will be posting pictures on this site soon that will show you framing on existing artwork. I am also going to be posting the framing that is available on all the originals. There is a framing component on my original website that you can click on and there is information on framing...or you can just contact me and we will go over it all together.

Framing can be matting, backing, frames, gallery wraps, anything on the market. I have in stock many small ready made frames for square image and I work with a contract framer who can make anything else to perfection that we need.

Please check out my blog:  where I talk about birds, art, drawing, painting, gardening, plants, horticulture, art shows, garden design, etc.

If you wanted to, you may choose from these frames for small images.


Call me if you would like pricing on any other size framing.


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