Blooming Yellow Hybrid Jungle Cactus, Epicactus Epiphyllum "Fruhlingsgold"

Posted by Bill Buckler on

This one just bloomed today! This is a day-booming Epicactus Epiphyllum "Fruhlingsgold" native to Central America. This is an extraordinary tropical succulent cactus or flowering Jungle Cacti, common name "Orchid Cactus". It is part of a collection of fifteen epicactus of mine and I always tend these semi-ugly plants just for the very spectacular, huge, fragrant blooms.  Epiphyllums bloom in the spring on  2-3 year old potted plants and off and on during the year. This one has been blooming all summer and this bloom opened November 5th. However, the major blooming season for day blooming plants starts in late April, peaks in May and ends in June. During the other months of the year we are rewarded by the occasions "off season" bloom, especially from the 4" top 2" varieties.The blooms range from 2" to 8"in size and the one you see here is 6" in diameter. Related plants are rattail cacti, rhipsalis, hoyas, Thanksiving-Christmas Cactus,  Easter Cactus, and Night Blooming Cereus. They are easy to grow in hanging pots. They need night time temperatures of 45-50 degrees during the winter, where they do not receive artificial light after sundown. This is necessary for bud formation to take place. Their favorite temperatures are 45-70 degrees. In my area they are put outside in part shade and temps in the high 80's in the summer and in the downstairs up against sliding glass doors with temp  50-70 degrees and seem to do just fine. Repot each spring.

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